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About Txapelmedia

Founded in 2000, Txapelmedia began by providing production services to professionals in the textile-clothing sector; our clients mainly use our services to provide an added value to their products.

Txapelmedia offers 3 key services:

  • Industrial customizations. Printing logos and other designs via embroidery and screen printing onto fabrics, for promotional, labour and merchandising textile distributors. Starting with just 1 unit and up. Other complementary services.
  • Tx Sport Fashion. We print the client´s designs onto garments provided by the client. This is for designers and distributors looking for a specific, unique design.
  • Embroidery Manufacturer. We create exclusive articles upon the client´s requests.

Txapelmedia is a young but experienced company whose founders previously worked in various areas of the textile-apparel sector.

Txapelmedia is a profitable, independent company that remains:

  • Focused on developing and evolving with its clients´ needs by offering new services.
  • Flexible and agile, like our market demands.
  • Following an investment policy to maintain its future commitments.

Our employee policy aims at developing skills and qualifications, with the goal of maintaining a committed and satisfied staff.

Txapelmedia is member of SGIA, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association for garments.


We offer competitive prices. We do not reduce our prices to compete with offers from other market suppliers. We believe that the quality of our work and service is what our clients´ most value and recognise, so that we can expect them to place more orders in the future.


Txapelmedia aims to improve day by day, both in the quality of its products and in its customer relations, this is why we take their opinions seriously; we can’t say we will never be wrong, but we can say we work so that it never happens.

We aim for satisfied clients that appreciate our work’s quality, with the hope that they order from us again in the future.

Please use the opinion form to inform us of any problems or suggestions; we will respond shortly.

TXAPELMEDIA has developed the PREMIË quality program awarded by Bizkaia´s Council.